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HyMeSys Software and Consulting

Welcome to HyMeSys Software & Consulting!

We create (on behalf of customers or in-house) visually appealing, user-friendly applications for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X or IOS and Android that can be used on the desktop, in web browsers or on smartphones and tablets.

From the beginning, we pay attention to platform-independence, in order to allow a product to be used on a variety of devices without major modifications.

Desktop Applications

Native UI-heavy applications without over-complicated data structures, front ends for database-driven n-tier systems or multimedia applications are commonly implemented in LiveCode. On the other hand, data-oriented applications or those requiring a greater integration with the operating system are developed with Xojo.

Server Applications

Many (especially mobile) applications rely on data from a server. We create automatedly tested server applications in Java (or Groovy), or JavaScript (based on Node.js) - if desired, in conjunction with the corresponding front-end for desktops, smartphones and tablets.

And for LiveCode enthusiasts: of course, we also offer the same for LiveCode Server both with and without on-Rev hosting!


WebApps for Browser and Desktop

Thanks to the support of HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript in any reasonably modern web browser many applications can now be implemented in JavaScript. These will then be capable of running on a number of platforms without prior installation of any plug-ins!

Using Node-webkit we bring JavaScript developments to the desktop as native applications - and thanks to PhoneGap as well to smartphones and tablets (and thus into the Apple AppStore, the store of Google Play and the Amazon Marketplace).

In this way, we create a variety of applications for you, ranging from animations over games ("casual games", "serious games") up to "Rich Internet Applications".

Mobile Devices

Finger usability, limited resources and a tiny display cause you a headache? We develop the appropriate usability concept for smartphones and tablets and implement it natively or as a web application.